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projects: Mr. Oberbeck

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Mr. Oberbeck

Mr. Oberbeck is a short film that I wrote and starred in, directed by Sebastian Dinatale (The Daily Show). We crowdfunded over $12,000 to bring it to life and screened it at the Lower East Side Film Festival and New York International Shorts Fest. 



At her dad's will reading, Sam learns a dark secret about his past. Specifically, he briefly spent time as a CIA agent, tortured and killed a man suspected of treason, and kept this chapter of his life hidden from his family. 


Incapable of doing it himself while he was still alive, her dad's last wish to tell his victim’s family the truth falls squarely on Sam. She must now journey to the harrowing suburbs of New Jersey to figure out how to tell a family, “Oh hi, my dad killed your dad." 

It's a comedy! Watch below! 

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